Who We Are

“A Microcosm of God’s Kingdom on Earth”

A church fellowship, filled with the Holy Spirit, welcomes all who may enter:
The crippled, the lame and well bodied;
All races and ethnic groups
Prostitutes, ex-cons, the homeless
The chronically mentally ill
The lonely, scared, and fearful
Tax collectors
The wealthy, the poor
Gay and straight
Single and married

(Poem by Larry Braak, member of North Church)

North Church was started in 1864 as a Christian outreach to an economically and socially marginalized neighborhood.  It has always been a ministry of social justice.  Over the last thirty years, North Church has built a ministry of love and respect with mentally, physically, and financially challenged people.

Like Jesus who befriended sinners and lepers, who embraced the outcasts of his society, North Church recognizes the need for acceptance in the midst of brokenness.  Our primary purpose is to reflect the open and caring love of Jesus Christ, particularly to socially disrespected people who need love and acceptance most.