We are meeting in person 10 am Sundays. Masks are optional to prevent the spread of the COVID Pandemic.

North Presbyterian Church is a special mission of the Presbytery of Lake Michigan in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Our particular calling within the larger church is to practice our ministry alongside people who live with mental illness. We live into this calling through ministries of advocacy and accompaniment in the social services sector, through the Togetherness Group (a weekly social activities group), and most of all through reorienting the entire life, governance, and worship of our congregation so that people who are stigmatized by society because of their mental illness can be one of “us” instead of one of “them.”

We believe that the church of Jesus Christ, in its essence, is neither a building nor an institution. Rather, the church is a community of people on a mission. We have been called together by Christ, we live together in Christ, and we work together with Christ to faithfully present the gospel to the world in our words and our deeds.

Pastor Chuck Moerdyk delivering a sermon.

“I saw the person before I saw his or her poverty. And I realized that the person who is hungry, abandoned or in need is first of all a heart who needs to find another heart; someone who will listen, understand and love. People who are poor and discouraged need to hear someone say to them, “I love you. I have confidence in you. You are beautiful. You can give life to others.” This helps them find confidence in themselves, new strength, new hope. The poor do not need to hear a lot of words, not even pious words. They may need people who will do things for them. Above all they need friendship: friends who love them and are willing to do things with them. This will help them grow and develop both humanly and spiritually.”

– Jean Vanier, ‘An Ark for the Poor’, p.57

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  1. Hi, I grew up in this Church, my oldest Daughter was Baptized there & my Husband & I were married there. I’m so glad that the Church is still active & that they are still serving a very underserved population

    • Hi Pam, sorry for the late response. If you are wondering about our membership, the photos will give you a sense of who we are. If you’re wondering about how long the church has been around … we like to count our founding as 1864 when four young ladies from 1st Presbyterian Church Kalamazoo went into to the under-served frontier of north Kalamazoo. Thanks for asking and giving us an idea for additional content for our website!

  2. Yes, this is Joshua Clark. I would like to request info on your online church service. Thanks!

  3. If you are looking for a Christian fellowship based on non-judgmental love, please consider visiting us. Our pastor is extremely knowledgeable not just about the Bible, its history and the history of of the times in which it was written. I learn something almost every Sunday and enjoy the way he often connects it to today’s world. He brings the Bible alive for people to contemplate how to apply its lessons to modern times. We believe the Gospel that Jesus preached was based on humility and servanthood. He was always engaged with those on the margins of society. If you doubt Christianity has anything worthwhile to say about today’s dark times please join us to listen in and participate if you so choose. Services are set up through Zoom which can be accessed either by computer or phone. They have a meeting id as well as password. For more information please contact us.

  4. I don’t have a mental illness but I believe that we are all one we can be Christ hands and feet and so we have other people with disabilities that would like to do things as well so please get a hold of me as soon as you can thank you

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