The Most Ignored and Undervalued People Within Churches Today

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For years the church rejected the entire field of mental health and continuously fought against scientifically and medically proven techniques that implemented counseling, medications, and other helpful therapies. The church attempted to “pray away” problems and encouraged ill-prepared pastors to take on roles they weren’t qualified to perform.

Churches are finally catching up, but they’re still far behind from the rest of society, and many denominations and institutions have inadequate resources for those struggling with disorders, syndromes, sicknesses, disabilities and other mental health issues. For many, the secular options available are far better than those of the church—this needs to change.

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3 responses to “The Most Ignored and Undervalued People Within Churches Today

  1. I’m afraid this is too true. Thank you, J.B., for having the courage to share this article. Thanks to the one who originally wrote it. I am no longer a member of a local congregation of believers because of many of the truths articulated in this article. I am still a believer, I just can’t seem to find a place where I “fit” and God knows that I have tried and tried repeatedly…I am considering starting a house church, right in my own house…I don’t know that this is the solution to my “not fitting in,” but it is the next thing I feel led to attempt…

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