Eerdmans Author Interview Series: Douglas F. Ottati


Happy Monday!

Yes, we know: generally speaking, those two words together form one of the most oxymoronic expressions in the English language.

This morning, however, “Happy Monday!” simply means that it’s time to pour that second (or third, or even fourth) cup of coffee and settle back to watch the latest episode in the Eerdmans Author Interview Series.

Today’s video features Douglas Ottati, who is Craig Family Distinguished Professor of Reformed Theology and Justice at Davidson College in North Carolina and author of the new book Theology for Liberal Protestants: God the Creator.

Theology for Liberal Protestants Theology for Liberal Protestants

Theology for Liberal Protestants presents a comprehensive theology for Christians who are willing to rethink and revise traditional doctrines in the face of contemporary challenges. It is Augustinian, claiming that we belong to the God of grace who creates, judges, and renews. It is Protestant, affirming the priority of the Bible and the…

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