A Letter from a New Presbyterian

Reblogged from the Covenant Network website:

I am so impressed by this denomination’s history and the focus of love and not condemnation. In January 2014,  I started attending two PCUSA churches (in Brandon, Florida) and I plan on joining one of them next month. After being away from any denomination for 30 years (since I was 17 years old), I have finally found a church home and a denomination that I believe in and support wholeheartedly.

Words do not describe the joy I feel. It is so overwhelming. I aspire to be an Elder one day and to become very involved in the denomination. I would have never considered the PCUSA before the changes in 2011. However, your denomination has an undeniable and incredibly impressive history of standing up for those who are without voices and those who are deemed less desirable by other churches. The PCUSA has always been in the forefront of change, starting with Martin Luther, John Calvin’s thoughts of Reformation, the Revolution, standing up against slavery, women’s rights, the right of ordination for women, ordination for gay individuals, and the list goes on. This affiliation has historically made tough decisions solely based on God’s love. These decisions were many times unpopular within the denomination and some even left the organization based on these progressive decisions.

Sadly, there will always be those who detest change. However, change will also attract many. The past has shown that those changes were usually embraced by other denominations thereafter. This denomination has always led the way, but nevertheless, the choices have never been easy.  The PCUSA is such a loving, thinking, and evolving denomination, who values humanity and God’s love for all. From all of my readings, I have concluded that if I had to sum up this denomination in one word, it would be “love”!

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