(Reblog) But contemporary worship brings people to Jesus! Right…?

I read an amazing article tonight that absolutely blew my mind. Seriously, this is incredible and it brings me back to so much of what I believe about what it means to do and be the Church. The full article is well worth your time.

Reblogged from Ponder Anew:

Worship is not an evangelistic tool.

We don’t worship together to attract unbelievers.

We worship together because God is worthy.

We worship together because this gracious God has called us into his story and grafted us together as covenant people.

We worship together because we desperately need to tell and retell and hear and rehear that story.

We worship together to be refocused, reshaped, renewed by God’s gifts. We need liturgy. We need Word and Sacrament.

Click here to read the full article

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