Jesus Moved My Cheese

This is what Jesus does: he disturbs the comfortable, he upsets our apple-carts, he scrambles our marbles, topples our Jenga™ towers, and squeezes our toothpaste tubes from the middle. Several years ago, there was a book that came out called Who Moved My Cheese? And the answer is: Jesus.

Jesus moved your cheese. That’s what Jesus does in our lives. The only question left to us is – Are we open to letting Jesus move our cheese? Faith asks – Will you let Jesus disturb you? Will you let him make you uncomfortable?

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Freezing a Fire, Bottling a River, & Catching the Wind in a Net

God is love. God is a community. God is Trinity. This is the most central teaching of our faith. Everything else we believe is based on it. This is why we are able to say with a straight face that we believe the heart of the universe is love. Coming from anywhere else, that would sound like New Age pop psychology, but we mean it quite seriously. The Trinity is the womb from which the cosmos is born. Everything we see, everything we have, and everything we are has its origin in this network of perfect love.

And love, as we have already noticed, by its very nature, refuses to sit still. Love must be in motion, constantly spilling over its own brim, or else it is not love.

This leads us directly to the next thing Jesus tells us about love:

“As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you”.

Love spills over. Love is a perpetual motion machine. The love that has its source in God’s own being refuses to stay there: it rushes out into the entire universe – continually creating, redeeming, and sustaining it. The entire universe is constantly being soaked, immersed, and flooded with the overflowing love of the Trinity.

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